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    What is your favorite dryland workout? (If you have a specific circuit or Cross Fit workout you like, let us know so we can share): 

    I like to change it up with my drylands and cross training/running so I don't have a specific workout, but my favorite exercise are plyometrics and box jumps!

    What is your favorite water work out (Masters polo practice, ocean swim, surf session, if you have a specific swim set you like, please share): 

    I have so many favorite water workouts! I love night swim training in the Long Island Sound and I love swimming masters practice in new towns and cities while traveling. In the pool when training solo, I have a tendency to make pyramid workouts pretty often which I usually find to be a good challenge. 

    What activities do you do in JOLYN:

    I do everything in Jolyn! Aside from swimming 240+ miles of just competitive open water swimming in 2016 (not including training distances), I love to hike in Jolyn, I wear Jolyn on beach runs, and to be perfectly honest sometimes I wear a Jolyn Tomcat top as a bra.

    What's your favorite JOLYN color:

    My favorite Jolyn solid colors are Mango and Black! I have way too many favorite prints.

    What's your favorite JOLYN style and why:

    I love love love Tomcat tops and Brazil bottoms! Tomcat tops are so great because I love how supportive, breathable, and stylish they are. Guaranteed, I always get compliments when wearing a Tomcat and thats just the bonus to them being comfortable for up to eleven hours of marathon swimming in a race. Brazil cut are my favorite bottoms because, just like my favorite top, the Brazil cut bottoms are so comfortable to wear for hours on end in the water. They are also extremely versatile and I love that I can do anything active in them, or feel good wearing them when just hanging out on the beach. 

    If you were stranded on an island and could only bring 3 things, what would they be:

    To be practical... I'd probably want to have a hat, a Nalgene bottle, and a knife. I'd just hope I ended up there while wearing my Jolyn! 

    What's your favorite beach that you have been to and what beach is on your list to go to:

    As much as I love spending time on the beaches of Bermuda, I'd have to say my favorite beach I've been to is Playa South Beach Park in Boca Raton, FL because no matter how many places I go and beautiful beaches I discover, that is the beach I grew up on and it will always hold a special place in my heart. 

    I most want to go to the beaches of Palau! Palau has intrigued me for years and has been my number one dream destination to explore!

    If you were 60 years old, what would you tell your children:

    Live! Take every chance, always say yes to positive opportunity, follow your heart, be present, and do what you love. It is amazing where life can take you when you live this way and open your heart and mind to experiencing the world.

    What is the craziest thing you have ever done:

    I have trouble choosing just one craziest thing, but I suppose it would be my first ice mile swim. I did a one mile swim on February 3, 2013 in the Long Island Sound under the rules set by the International Winter Swimming Association (one mile swim in under 5C (41F) water temperature, unassisted, in a standard swim suit, cap, and goggles). The water temperature when I did my swim was 34F/35F and the air temperature was 24F/26F, on a very over cast day with a snow covered ground. I had never experienced a pain as aggressive as the feeling in my hands, like knives were repeatedly stabbing them each time they came into the air to take the next stroke. I experienced severe hypothermia that day but thankfully had no permanent damage. It was such an incredible accomplishment both physically and mentally just to even get into that water. Little did I know that was just the start of my winter swimming, and that years later I would end up in Argentina swimming in the glacial waters of Perito Moreno glacier, the largest glacier in the southern hemisphere in the middle of winter!

    What would we find in your refrigerator right now?

    Lots of spinach, almond butter, oranges... and there would be ben & jerry's in the freezer :)

    If you had to be an animal, what would you be and why: 

    If I were an animal I would be a sea turtle. I admire their grace in the water and I feel I relate to them in that during their life they travel hundreds of miles but always return to the same beaches from which they were born. I travel the world to swim but I love and appreciate going back to my home beaches, too. 

    What would you spend your last $10 on:

    A margarita pizza with broccoli and a side of butter for the crust. 

    What is the hardest thing you've ever experienced: 

    I did a 25k swim race July 30th, 2016 in Lake Memphremagog in Vermont. The swim race began at the southern part of the gorgeous lake, then the course went across the Canadian border and looped back. It was a hot summer day, but beautiful nonetheless. I started my swim strong with my favorite kayaker, Lizzy, by my side but after about two hours into the swim I started getting sick. I couldn't hold in any of my feeds (CarboPro every 30 minutes), but I kept powering on. At about six hours into my swim, my right shoulder started hurting and eventually gave out on me. By eight hours into the swim, my stomach was cramped up and sore from vomiting for so many hours and I could barely lift my arm out of the water for a full stroke. I was physically broken and had so little mental strength left to get me through, but I did not want to quit. A swim that I should have finished hours faster ended up taking me nearly eleven hours to complete. Despite my pains and discomforts, I realized my true ability to persevere and I discovered how much inner strength I have. This was one of the hardest things I've ever experienced because the challenge put me face to face with myself and challenged me to be the person I am. 

    What is the most important part of a sandwich?

    Avocado, hands down. 

    Any last words or testimonial?

    I am grateful for the role models I have in the sport of swimming and for the strong women role models I grew up with in life. I love being able to live my passion and do what I love, and I only hope I can inspire others the way I've been inspired, in sport and in life. Discovering Jolyn a few years ago changed the way I perform in the water and made my aquatic lifestyle more comfortable and fun, which makes following my passion in swimming that much better!

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  • Finally... FINA approved: introducing the Chevy Tiger

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    What is FINA?  FINA is the international governing body of swimming, diving, water polo, synchronized swimming and open water swimming.


    What does their approval mean?  The FINA stamp on a swimsuit provides 100% assurance that times earned while wearing it translate to state, national, and international stages/contests.  (USAS 102.8.1)


    How was the CHEVY TIGER approved & how did we achieve official FINA vendor status?  We took our bestselling "Chevy" and performed minor tweaks to fabric & construction.  From there the suit was submitted to FINA who performed rigorous testing to ensure the suit met their high standards... WHICH IT DID and we couldn't be more STOKED!


    Competition & Team Suits:  Due to its certified status, the Chevy Tiger is our official recommendation for any group orders intended for competition.  For training trips and practice suits you can go crazy with prints, logos, and style.

     Contact if you wanna get the JOLYN party started!



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  • Socal Inspired Prints by fellow San Diegans // ORANGE & PARK

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    To say that JOLYN was "proudly" founded in San Diego is an understatement.  We LOVE our hometown and the outdoor lifestyle that our perfect weather and sandy beaches afford.  Our friends at ORANGE & PARK, a fellow SD founded company, take weekend trips to baja, national parks, and standout local surf spots. They in turn combine their lifestyle & experiences to create inspired prints that can be found in homes, restaurants and offices around the globe.
    Here is a quick Q&A with their co-founder John McCauley and a sneak peek into their inspiration!
    JOLYN: Coronado is a pretty cool but small coastal community.  How did your southern californian roots influence your first prints and how have they evolved since?
    JM: Growing up and living in Coronado is a privilege that is hard to ignore. We have an incredible beach on one side, an incredible bay on the other, and we're 5 minutes from a major urban center. It's unique in so many ways. We're spoiled. Orange and Park started off focused on Coronado and San Diego because that is what inspired us and what we knew. Over time, we shifted to other subjects - maps and objects - that are iconic in their own way and have special meaning to us. What I find interesting is our most successful products are related to California. I think, given our upbringing, there is a subconscious authenticity to the CA inspired products that's impossible to articulate but resonates with our customers.


    JOLYN: It looks like you and the boys have a lot of epic weekend adventures.  What's your favorite destination and how do these trips inspire your art?
    JM:  David Klinker (O&P co-founder) spends a lot of time in Spain, with a special attraction to the Granada region. I love adventures in Baja. To me, Baja is the last frontier, an area where traveling is as much about the journey as the destination. Our travels impact both the design and subject matters in our products. We both love a minimalist aesthetic, which is largely influenced by the design community in Europe. In terms of subjects, we tend to design for what we know, it creates a more authentic result that we hope resonates.



    JOLYN: What is your favorite O&P print and why?
    JM: Wow, that's a hard one. I love the VW prints because they remind of a great period in my life when I had my first car, a 1971 VW Squareback. Today, Orange and Park owns a 1973 VW Bus. It makes us smile, it's great. I also love Swellvetica. There's a playfulness to this print and the design is so uniquely David.


    JOLYN: I need one for my bedroom... and office & bathroom & kitchen. Where can I shop the Orange & Park Collection?
    JM: The best way is from our website We also have some great retailers. Please visit them, they are rad hard working people that we are so appreciative of them. Thank you, JOLYN, for the support! 

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  • Meet Mother, Fitness Model & Open Water Swimmer: Micha Shaw

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    Name: Micha Shaw
    Instagram: @michashaw
    Brief description of yourself:  I’m a mom and sports model living in Huntington Beach. My pre-baby days were spent competing in Open Water swimming and Lifesaving competitions. I trained for the 2008 and briefly for the 2012 Olympics in the 10K Open Water event. I swam at Cal (GO BEARS!). I grew up all over the place…Washington, England, South Africa, but I consider myself an Alaskan at heart. That’s where I spent most of my time growing up. 
    What is your favorite dryland workout?  My favorite dryland workouts are yoga, boxing, hiking. Probably my most favorite workout would be when my husband and I work out together in our  garage or at the beach. I love box jumps, pull-ups and the TRX. If we are at the beach, I like to add sand sprints to really torture myself!


    What is your favorite water work out?  Ocean swims and surfing in warm water. Swimming anytime. Honestly, now as a mom I find it hard to be consistent with one particular workout. Anytime I can get out of the house by myself, it’s usually for a workout. I dream of one day joining a masters team, and being the overly competitive old chick that tries to keep up with the young kids. 


    Describe your dream day at the beach: My dream day at the beach would include my best girl friends, we would body surf, surf, paddle and swim until the only thing we have energy for is lifting a nacho to our mouth and holding onto an ice cold bud light. I imagine this would take place in Sayulita.
    What activities do you do in JOLYN? Play in the sand with my kids, swim, paddle, surf…I once did a crossfit competition in JOLYN!
    Favorite JOLYN color: Cabernet
    Favorite JOLYN style and why: Softy bottom, if I had to choose just one. But I’m pretty sure I never met a JOLYN I didn’t like ;)
    If you were stranded on an island and could only bring 3 things, what would they be: Since bringing my family is not in their best interest…I would bring a bikini, Sunblock and a giant jar of peanut butter


    What's your favorite beach that you've been to and what beach is on your list to go to?  Dream Beach, Lembongan Island. Noosa Heads, any beach off the Great Ocean Road, Australia. All the beaches in Bali. I got married in Changuu, Bali in 2009. Currently on my travel list is Sayulita, Sri Lanka (swimming with Blue Whales!!), and Turks and Caicos…which I will be traveling to in 32 days with my husband, but who’s counting?
    Who is your favorite athlete? One of my best friends, Natalie Coughlin, who showed me what it means to be a true bad ass. 
    What are 3 things on your bucket list: Swim with blue whales, travel to Morocco, drive across country in a custom airstream


    If you were 60 years old, what would you tell your children: Always choose love. Regret nothing. Travel as much as possible.
    What would we find in your refrigerator right now: Salsa, eggs, peanut butter, blueberries and some forgotten leftovers!
    If you had to be an animal, what would you be and why:  A Dolphin, so I could know what it's like to be fearless in the waves.
    What would you spend your last $10 on: Coffee, chips and salsa and a lottery ticket.

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  • Waterwoman, Pan Am Champion and Mother: Erika Erndl

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     Name: Erika Erndl
    Mother to fourteen month old son, Asher, from Naples, Florida.  Two Time US National Team member, Pan American Games Gold Medalist, attempting fifth Olympic Team Trials in 2016, swam at The University of North Carolina where she met her husband who also swam for the university. Former First Grade Teacher and coach.  Swimmer, cat lover
    Instagram: @erikaerndl
    What keeps you motivated to be active and healthy?
    Being active and healthy just feels good! I love being strong and I always feel better when I eat well and exercise.  It makes me a better wife and mom, and a good workout always clears my head. Especially swimming…there’s something about being submerged in water that makes it unlike any other workout.   




    What is your favorite dryland workout?
    The type of strength training that I do is designed to be done with great form, while moving moderate weight at a higher velocity as opposed to heavier weight at slower velocity.  Here’s an example of a strength warm up that I like:
    (3 times the following)
    50 jump ropes with at least 5 double unders
    8 burpees
    8 med ball push ups
    10 med ball V Ups
    8 med ball Plyometric push ups (side to side)
    10 squats plus 10 squat jumps
    2 x 6 Bosu Ball push ups (round side down, feet on a bench)
    10 wall ball squat and throws



    What is your favorite water workout:
    Swimming! There’s something about being submerged in the water that makes swimming unique.  I love the way I feel after I swim, the endorphins I get from it, the way the water feels and how it sounds in my ears.  It’s peaceful, yet intense.  It’s relaxing, yet invigorating.  To me there’s no other sport that engages the entire body like swimming.  And it’s something I’ll be able to do forever. 
    One of my favorite things to do is active rest in the pool. The idea here is to start off pretty fast and as the rest interval increases slightly to increase speed. I like how by the end you feel like you are finishing the end of a 100 in a race. Here’s an example of a set I like doing:
    4 X {100 (1:30) + 50 fast * (1:00)}
    4 X 100 (1:35) + 50 faster ** (1:00)}
    4 X 100 (1:40) + 50 faster *** (1:00)}


    What activities do you do in JOLYN:
    Anything in or around the water. I swim, take my son to parent/tot swimming classes, go boating, or scuba diving, or just hang out at the beach or pool.


    What's your favorite JOLYN color:
    That’s a tough one…there are so many! I love bright colors Hot Pink or Hawaii Blue.


    What's your favorite JOLYN style and why:
    I love the European Bottoms and the Luke Tops. The Luke can be wrapped around and tied in the front which is a great option when you want to minimize drag.  I wear this combo for afternoon power workouts…they stay put even with speed and minimize tan lines.  I also love the new Sonny onesie’s, and my old faithful is the Jordy Tie Back onesie!

    If you were 60 years old, what would you tell your children? 
    Never give up.  Never say never.  Never let anyone tell you that you can’t do something if you believe you can.  Your mind is a superpower.  If there’s something you want, make it happen.


    What nail polish color are you? Blue Rhapsody
    What motivates you? Improving to the best of my ability.  Being a competitive athlete not only at my age but also being a mother is a challenge.  Just getting to the pool every day I plan to is difficult and getting in all my workouts sometimes just doesn’t happen.  I’m okay with just doing the best I can every day now.  I used to be more narrowly focused on swimming and had the time to train as much and whenever my coach saw fit.  Now Asher is my number one.  With that being said, I am motivated to swim fast regardless of the fact that I’m an older athlete and I have a baby.  When I’m training or racing, I become an athlete again.  I’m very fortunate to be able to attempt this journey to my fifth Olympic Trials.  Just thinking about racing in the pool in Omaha on that stage with my baby and my family there to support me gives me chills. I’m doing this because I can, and I’m challenged to do things that most people wouldn’t attempt.  The everyday struggle to get it done fuels me to keep going.



    What's the most inspiring race you've ever seen?  
    The men’s Gold Medal 4 x 100 Freestyle Relay in Beijing at the 2008 Olympic Games.  Jason Lezak’s anchor leg was the most inspiring race I have ever seen, and it proves how powerful the mind is. 


    What is your signature dish in the kitchen?
    I’m not much of a chef.  Fortunately my husband loves to cook and it works out well that way.  My signature dish right now would have to be cheesy eggs for my fourteen month old son.  He loves eggs!


    What is the hardest thing you've ever experienced? 
    The first three months of my son’s life were both the most difficult and the most wonderful at the same time.  It was so much harder than I anticipated and I couldn’t even imagine leaving the house at first.  I wondered how anyone functioned like a normal person after giving birth and caring for such a tiny being with the crying, the breastfeeding and sleepless nights.  Through it all I was able to start swimming again when Asher was only four weeks old with the okay from my doctor (he knew I was anxious to get back in).  It wasn’t easy and was only possible with the help of my family, and I quickly realized that having that balance and time to myself made me a better mother and wife.



    What is your favorite holiday destination?
    I love staying home in Naples! I live in such a beautiful place that I really don’t like to leave, especially when it’s so cold elsewhere! When you live somewhere so beautiful your family likes to come visit you! I don’t miss the cold weather very much even during the holidays. 


    What is the most important part of a sandwich?


    Tell us a little more about yourself and your journey:
    I have been a swimmer as long as I can remember and I enjoy being in shape.  When I got pregnant, my body adjusted quickly and I gained weight fast.  It was difficult for me because I was not in control of my body anymore but for the best reason possible.  I was committed to taking care of my little boy at all costs.  He was already my top priority. I was able to keep swimming for longer than I thought I could.  I may have scared a few kids with my belly but I could wear Jolyn two pieces no matter how big I got (I gained 63 pounds!).   No matter what, I was comfortable! Looking back, It was really fun for me to keep swimming into the third trimester.  There were days that I was so tired that I couldn’t even swim for a few minutes, but at least I could try.  And after I delivered Asher, when he was four weeks old, I set out on my mission to get back to my fighting weight. 
    The journey to get back in shape hasn’t been easy.  I wouldn’t even be able to attempt this challenge without the unwavering support from my family. I would not put in the hours in the pool and in the weight room if I wasn’t confident that Asher was well taken care of. Swimmming is something that is important to me, but my son is everything.  No matter what happens during training or racing, I get to come home to my family.  The thought of that is better than anything I can imagine. 


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