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    Motivational Mondays // Juliana Bahr-Thomson

    If you were stranded on an island and could only bring 3 things, what would they be:
    Coconut water, underwater camera and surfboard

    What's your favorite beach that you have been to:
    I have had the pleasure of paddling almost the entire east coast of Australia, to choose a favorite beach is one of the most difficult questions. But I’d have to say the points of Noosa and the National Park is my favorite other salty home.

    What beach is on your list to go to:
    I dream of going to Morocco, Taiwan and the Greek Islands to explore their coast lines and culture.

    Who is your favorite athlete:

    I have a lot of athletes I look up to but Siri Linley, Laura Bennett and Rebekah Keat are my fav. They have all been personal mentors for me at some point during my triathlon career.

    -What are 3 things on your bucket list: Simply to travel and discover new cultures, I have quite a list of places i'm still yet to

    If you were 60 years old, what would you tell your children:
    Enjoy every day, you work your entire life you may as well love what you do. Chase good times not money and things.

    What is the craziest thing you have ever done:
    Probably paddling a board out as sea for 43 days, 202 hours and covering 1000km from Newcastle to Noosa.

    What's your favorite JOLYN color:

    I love the smokey grey color, I have a bikini top in it!

    -What's your favorite JOLYN style and why:

    I really like the 1 piece swimmers, they are a great cut and the subtle detail with the back
    straps as well as the side panels amazes me!

    What motivates you:

    Others stories of adversity and how they overcame obstacles, seeing people push limits and reading autobiographies of successful people.

    If you had to be an animal, what would you be and why:

    I’d be a Macaw parrot, I’ve always loved birds and I’m all about color!

    What activities do you do in JOLYN:

    I actually wear them as my work lifeguard uniform, I also train in my JOLYN 1 pieces and board paddle and surf in my 2 pieces.

    What's the most inspiring race you've ever seen:

    I think some of the best races that have inspired me have been the 1989 Ironman Triathlon world championship battle between Dave Scott and Mark Allen, and then again in 2010 with a very similar finish taking place between Chris McCormack and Raelert.

    How do you like to cross train? or What is your favorite cross training activity:

    I absolutely love running, only issue is I’m recovering from a major ankle surgery so I haven’t run properly in 1.5 years and I’m just relearning to jog and run all over again now.

    What book would you recommend to our readers:

    The 5 love languages, it is something everyone in life should read. It is such a great book and helps you reconnect with friends, family, work colleagues and partners on a much better level.

    What inspires you:

    Books, I love reading so much. I have my particular themes I stick by and I get so much out of reading and being able to relate to them.

    What is something that nobody knows about you:

    I get really shy so I’m not overly social and I keep to myself

    What would you spend your last $10 on:

    Maybe a sharpie pen and a coffee so I could sit in a café and sketch.

    What is your signature dish in the kitchen:

    My giant salad which is a mix of fruits, veggies, nuts and seeds.

    What is your favorite workout or gym exercise:

    TRX it’s a very versatile training tool and I make it a lot of fun not always taking things too seriously.

    What is your favorite holiday destination:

    California, I have spent a lot of time there over the years and I truly love it there, but I honestly have so many favourite places. Hawaii, Thailand, Caribbean, Singapore,
    Germany, Switzerland and Fort De France have all been amazing places to visit. I have too many favorites!

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  • Motivational Mondays // Lindsey Gerkens

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    Motivational Monday // Lindsey Gerkens

    - What is your favorite dryland workout? (If you have a specific circuit, track, beach or Cross Fit workout you like, let us know so we can share):

    I love weight training. A good barbell complex works both cardio and functional strength at once. One of my favorites is:

    Deadlift, bent row, hang clean, pushpress, back squat

    8 sets x 6 reps of each exercise consecutive, rest 60 secs between sets

    -What is your favorite water work out (Masters polo practice, ocean swim, surf session, if you have a specific swim set you like, please share):

    Bodysurfing the big angry blown-out washing machine waves you get when a hurricane is coming up the coast- with fins. It’s so much fun you don’t feel your legs burning!

    - What activities do you do in JOLYN:

    Work, train, and play: swimming, surfing, paddling, ocean rescue lifeguarding, surfskiing, bodysurfing

    - What's your favorite JOLYN color:

    It’s a toss up between Mango and Army green

    - What's your favorite JOLYN style and why:

    Softy bottoms! Super flattering, comfortable, and they stay on no matter what.

    - If you were stranded on an island and could only bring 3 things, what would they be:

    A pole spear, vegetable seeds, and my dog Maka

    - What's your favorite beach that you have been to and what beach is on your list to go to:

    Rainbow Bay in Australia near where I went to college is absolute paradise. Someday I’d love to go to the North Shore of Hawaii and see Pipe when it’s firing.

    - Who is your favorite athlete:

    Jolyn Rep and Surf Lifesaving guru Jen Noonan is a huge inspiration to me.  She is all heart and gives so much to support surf lifesaving in the United States and all the other lifeguards that compete- not to mention being an incredible competitor that continues to dominate at the National level decade after decade.

    - What are 3 things on your bucket list:

    Paddle Molokai

    Visit the Mediterranean Greek Islands

    Convince the United States Lifesaving Association to make the American Ironwoman event the same as the Ironman event (by adding the row leg) at the United States National Lifeguard Championships. They currently do not let women row in the race unlike the men because of ridiculous reasons like “it’s too dangerous” and “not very many women know how to row”. And then of course compete in the event!


    - If you were 60 years old, what would you tell your children:

    Follow your heart

    - What's the most inspiring race you've ever seen:

    Over a decade ago, I was privileged to be one of the first women who raced in a full American Ironwoman (with a row!) in the Mayor’s Cup Lifeguard Tournament in New Jersey. For years the tournament had featured an Ironman race, but no Ironwoman race. They had said there wasn't enough interest in the race, they said not enough women knew how to row, they said the boats were too heavy for us, and that there wasn't enough time in the tournament- very similar to the reasons that the USLA is giving today for excluding the full Ironwoman race from the National Championships. However, we persevered and convinced them to add the Ironwoman to the local tournament. Despite their predictions, we had so many women determined to race that they had to expand the maximum number of competitors allowed in the race that year and every single woman finished the race and finished without injuries in 4-5ft surf. Watching the sunset light up the evening sky as we raced and seeing the other girls powering through the pain to prove our equality to the spectators on the beach and the men we work beside everyday was one of the most inspirational and uplifting moments of my eighteen-year lifeguarding career. We weren’t racing each other, we were racing against the race itself, and we all won. I am very proud to say that for the past twelve years female guards in New Jersey have been rowing in the full American Ironwoman at that tournament every summer.

    - What book would you recommend to our readers:

    Tuesdays with Morrie by Mitch Albom. We are all being pulled in so many directions by modern day life: work more hours, make more money, climb the ladder, be a good spouse, be a good parent, be a good friend, spend time with your parents, stay fit, eat healthy, give back to your community- there’s not enough time in a day to do it all. It helps me keep my priorities straight when I start to feel overwhelmed. 

    - What is something that nobody knows about you:

    I used to tap dance and sing in my high school’s musical theater performances.

    - What is your signature dish in the kitchen:

    I make some mean oven-baked barbecue ribs. Topped off with a homegrown sweet potato and fresh kale from the garden sautéed in olive oil and garlic. Mmm mmm mmm. 

    - What is the hardest thing you've ever experienced:

    Getting divorced. It’s like having the rug pulled out from underneath you, except the rug is your whole life. It shakes your faith in yourself and in others. Life has a way of knocking us all down from time to time. Getting up again is never easy, but finding the strength to stand up again after my divorce was definitely the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do. Some days my legs still feel a little wobbly.

    - Any last words or testimonial:

    Appreciate the small things and the big things will take care of themselves.

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    Bradlee Sanchez 

    I'm a swimmer and a surfer, a nanny to two 2 week old twins, and I'm allergic to water 

    It's called aquagenic urticaria I break out in hives when my skin comes into contact with water. It's hard to deal with but I love through and it doesn't stop me from doing the things I love to do like swim, surf, water ski jet ski, and wake board. I try anything that has to do with water! 

    I have a blog about my water allergy on tumblr it's called "H2O great" and I write about the different everyday challenges I go through, you would be surprised by the things I have to deal with. 

    Instagram: @bradlee.kathleen

    What is your favorite dryland workout?
    20 crunches feet on floor 
    20 crunches legs at 90 degree angle 
    29 crunches legs in the air 
    30 second plank
    15 reverse crunches 
    15 bicycle crunches 
    30 second plank
    20 v-ups 
    20 straddle v-ups
    20 single leg v-ups 

    What is your favorite water work out:

    My favorite water (swim) work out: 
    10x100s IM 
    10x25s block start sprints 
    Repeat 5 times 

    What activities do you do in JOLYN: I wear my Jolyns no matter what water sports I'm doing! I also wear it playing beach volleyball on the weekends :) 

    What's your favorite JOLYN color: My favorite Jolyn color is Ocean! The one in all my pictures 

    What's your favorite JOLYN style and why: The vent top is my favorite too and Brazilian bottoms because the vent top is super supportive when I'm playing beach volleyball and the Brazilian bottoms are super cute and comfy. 

    What's your favorite beach that you have been to and what beach is on your list to go to: My favorite beach that I've been to is the beach I live 5 miles from, Avila Beach. I also really love surfing at Pismo Beach which is only 10 miles from me. I really want to go to Venice Beach sometime this summer! 

    Who is your favorite athlete: My favorite athlete like any swimmer is Michael Phelps 

    What are 3 things on your bucket list: skydiving, traveling to Ireland, going surfing in Costa Rica 

    What book would you recommend to our readers: A book I would recommend would be any Jodi Picoult book! She writes about murder mysteries crossed with different diseases.

    What is the hardest thing you've ever experienced: I think the hardest thing I've ever experienced would be when I was first diagnosed with my condition.. I was told I shouldn't swim and I should shower less and stay inside when it rained. And all I could think about was having to stop swimming and that my dreams of being an amazing swimmer we're going to be crushed. It was heart breaking. 

    If you were 60 years old, what would you tell your children: If I was 60 I would tell my children that no matter what life throws at you nothing can stop you from doing what you love and that they should never give up on their dreams. 

    What would you spend your last $10 on: I would spend my last $10 on cookie butter from Trader Joes because I am absolutely obsessed with it 

    What is your favorite holiday destination: The beach, my family has birthdays, and Christmas Eve and Easter on the beach looking at the waves and huddled around a fire on the beach with s'mores and hotdogs and crossiants. Yum! 


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    Lisa Hertz

    Nickname: “Girlie Whirlie/GW” by my marathon swimming teammates, Lida (after Lido/pools from my fiancee)

    I currently teach high school English to very high and very low performing students. I love seeing both ends of the spectrum because you have to think about different teaching methods in order to figure out how to reach them best…I use a lot of arts integration in my teaching. I started teaching partially because of coaching swimming. I coached swimming and taught swimming lessons for US clubs and summer recreational teams starting at about age 12. I love being able to share what is special to me: swimming, writing, whatever…with other people. Especially if they did not like it or were even afraid of it before.  I grew up in Ocean City, Maryland and went swam for Franklin and Marshall College in Pennsylvania. I have very severe asthma, so swimming has always been a great sport for me. I swam backstroke and mid-distance in high school and I was a sprinter in college! After college I moved to Florida and, while using jiujitsu to take a break from swimming, ended up suffering an ACL avulsion fracture. The ACL was good and strong from swimming, and the bone was weak from Prednisone, a medicine for asthma, and popped the bone right out where it was attached! That accident eventually brought me back not just to swimming, but to marathon swimming. Running was the best mode of physical therapy, and also seemed to wake up some of my slow-twitch muscles. I started running to heal my leg, thinking that I was done with swimming and that I would just be a runner. Many people do not regain strength and flexibility in their leg after the type of break I had. I entered a 1/2 mile swim, 3 mile run race that I had placed in two years prior, and even though I had only been running, I ended up swimming great and taking forever to run!  My mother pointed out that I could not deny that I would always be a swimmer. I shifted my running to be cross-training for swimming, and signed up for two and three mile races with plans of doing longer and longer swims. After a 9 mile training swim in 60 degree water one January morning, I figured I could handle a 10K swim race!  After that I entered and won the women’s division of Swim Charleston, a 12 mile swim in Charleston, SC. A few months later I completed the Tampa Bay Marathon Swim, a 24 Mile Race in Florida’s largest estuary. The conditions were extra bad, and only five of us finished out of the 16 who started.  After swimming in TBMS, I was hooked on the “ultra” distance of marathon swimming. A 10K swim is the equivalent of a marathon run…swimming 24 miles is a little more on the insane side!  I decided to do a solo swim and see how well I would do in cold water temperatures. I raised $3000 for medical research and swam 23 Miles from Clearwater Beach to St. Pete Beach last December in 65 degree water. Although the races are really fun, it was great to raise money and awareness during a swim. 


    What is your favorite dryland workout: Running.  It reminds my body that I am not a sprinter anymore!  

    What is your favorite water work out:  I think being a not-very-good-surfer has helped me to be a decent marathon swimmer. There have been so many times when I would be stuck inside after a wipeout and I would just be paddling to get out for the reward of another wave to maybe or maybe not wipe out on. You learn to just keep going. I love the chaos of the ocean. Any workout that brings that…bring it on. 

    What activities do you do in JOLYN:  Open water workouts, pool workouts, surfing, surf ski….just going to the beach too. 

    What's your favorite JOLYN color:  If I could pick a favorite, maybe I wouldn’t have a whole rainbow of bottoms…maybe ocean?  I like pairing different solid tops and bottoms for different looks.  I’ll throw in prints every now and then. 

    What's your favorite JOLYN style and why: Ghost tops and MIDL bottoms, and basic onesies. Ghost tops stay on no matter what and the separation in the back is cute and comfy. The MIDL bottoms cover just enough and not too much on me to look great. The basic onesies are a necessity when you swim in the Florida Gulf because it is easy to get stuff down your suit, and you do not want a second layer trapping everything in.

    What's your favorite beach that you have been to and what beach is on your list to go to: Somehow I managed to draw the right cards to live on the beach. I love being able to walk out to our little stretch of sand, see our friendly neighbors, and swim, paddle, run, relax, whatever. You can have the worst day at work, and as soon as you cross over the dunes, everything is just better. 

    Who is your favorite athlete: My mom. When I was young, she’d swim laps in a way that she could keep an eye on me while my brother and I were playing in the pool.  She instilled a love of water for both of us and showed me how consistent and persistent swimming, no matter what the circumstances are, can really pay off. 

    What are 3 things on your bucket list: Complete a swim over 30 miles, earn my Ed.D. in Educational Leadership, and start a family.

    If you were 60 years old, what would you tell your children: Keep up! 

    What would we find in your refrigerator right now:  Fruit!  I love fruit. After a long swim I will eat a picnic-sized bucket of fruit. Watermelon, grapes, and apples are in there right now. Yum.

    What's the most inspiring race you've ever seen: When my fiancé swam the 28 Mile Manhattan Island Marathon Swim.  He swims very slow and steady and just kept going!  I was so proud of him! Afterwards, he proposed…we are getting married June 13.  Apparently his Catalina Channel Swim was pretty inspiring as well….

    What book would you recommend to our readers: Unabridged Les Miserables. Especially if you are planning on doing any marathon swimming. The ideas in that book will keep your mind highly occupied during the solitary hours of your swim!  

    What is your signature dish in the kitchen:  Yellowfin tuna stuffed avocados. 

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    Katie Pumphrey

    Nickname: I’ve had many..Pumps, Kates, K8, Wombat, my sister calls me Pumpkinbutt. :) 

    Artist, open water swimmer, swim coach…I’m the youngest of 4, a coffee and craft beer lover. I live in Baltimore, MD with my amazing fiancé, Joe and our dog, Monty. I’m training towards a solo crossing of the English Channel this August!

    English Channel site + blog: 


    Instagram: @swimkatie15 

    What is your favorite dryland workout: I love + practice Hot Vinyasa Yoga 2-3 times a week at @charmcityoga.

    What is your favorite water work out: Wow, hard question. I absolutely LOVE open water, which is a good thing since I’m training for the Channel, but I train in the pool a lot, especially since open water is hard to come by for a lot of the year around Baltimore. I swim in a 25 meter pool, often solo, but also with friends, an awesome masters group, or my amazing fiancé, Joe Mahach.

    Favorite pool workout and what I’m doing to prepare for the channel are two different things. Sets I’m doing to prepare are 4 x 1,000s on 15:00, lots of 100’s and 200s descending, a lot of pull with paddles, and very long kick sets. 

    One of my overall favorite sets looks like this: (25 meters)

    4 x{ 100 Free, 100 stroke, 100 Free 1:45

    3 x{ 125 Free, 125 stroke, 150 Free 2:10

    2 x{ 150 Free, 150 stroke, 175 Free 2:40

    1 x{ 175 Free, 175 stroke, 200 Free 3:00

    What activities do you do in JOLYN: Open water swims + races- I’m usually the only swimmer in a two piece. Pool work outs, USMS swim meets, hot yoga (misfit top + leggings), hanging on the beach.  

    What's your favorite JOLYN color: Cabernet

    What's your favorite JOLYN style and why: I LOVE them all! This is a hard question….I love all of the tops, but my favorites are the Vent + Uniform top, which I wear with a Brazil bottom. I wear a Fixed Back GT Onesie a lot of the year when I have to swim indoors, but my first Jolyn was a Tie Back and I loved it. I’m anxious to try a Drifter Onsie and the Tomcat top next. :)

    If you were stranded on an island and could only bring 3 things, what would they be: 

    • A Jolyn bikini
    • Summer Shandy beer
    • My fiancé, Joe. 

    What's your favorite beach that you have been to and what beach is on your list to go to: Sunny Cove in Santa Cruz, CA- it’s the most magical place ever. I went there with my fiancé last fall and within 10 minutes of each other we saw seals, dolphins, and humpback whales. So awesome! I’d love to go to Magic Sands beach in Hawaii. 

    Who is your favorite athlete: I can’t really narrow it down to one, there are so many amazing people out there! I look to a lot of amazing women that have inspired me to be brave and adventurous when it comes to open water swimming: Lynne Cox, Liz Fry, Mariel Hawley, Marcy MacDonald, and Marcia Cleveland. 

    What are 3 things on your bucket list:

    • Swim the English Channel 
    • Show my artwork in several cities in the US and internationally.
    • Fill more than one passport. 

    If you were 60 years old, what would you tell your children: Be brave enough to be crazy. I heard that once and I think about it often. I constantly remind myself to be brave and I feel proud when I am crazy. Being a little crazy (or a lot) leads to adventures!

    What is the craziest thing you have ever done: Decide to swim the English Channel.

    What would we find in your refrigerator right now: Eggs, half + half, brussel sprouts, mushrooms, cheese, vanilla greek yogurt, locally brewed beer, apples, spinach, and lots of ice cream in the freezer.

    What nail polish color are you: Tickle my France-y (Ha! Great name, makes me giggle)

    What motivates you: The want to feel limitless. 

    If you had to be an animal, what would you be and why: Sea Otter. My favorite animal is a penguin- I love them so much :)…but sea otters are always look like they're having so much fun!

    What book would you recommend to our readers: Dover Solo, by Marcia Cleveland + Swimming to Antartica by Lynne Cox

    What is something that nobody knows about you: I don’t know about something nobody knows…but not a lot of people know that I am colorblind. 

    What would you spend your last $10 on: Coffee. I guess that wouldn’t be the whole $10, so I’d save the rest…but coffee is a must. Always. 

    What is your signature dish in the kitchen: Breakfast tacos…eggs w/ spinach, mushrooms, and cheese in a tortilla with avocado on top. Yum!

    What is the hardest thing you've ever experienced: Doubt

    What is the most important part of a sandwich: Avocado

    What is your most embarrassing moment you're willing to admit: I once ate the entire rind of a lemon because my brother told me it was the best and most sour part. 

    Any last words or testimonial: Surround yourself with amazing people. 

    If and when I make it to France after hours of swimming in the cold and rough waters of the English Channel, it will be because of the incredible people in my life and the amazing support and encouragement I’ve received over the past 2 years. I constantly feel extremely lucky and inspired by them, and I know I couldn’t do any of this without them. Training has been extremely hard, and the emotional highs and lows can be exhausting, but it’s a team effort and it has been an adventure I’ve loved. Let’s do this!


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