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JoPro / Charger: The Best Office in the World

 My passion for paddling and the ocean exponentially grew when I became a beach lifeguard five years ago here in my hometown of Coronado, California.   My job as a lifeguard has defined me over these years and I wouldn’t choose any other office over the beach.

 Lifeguarding is an extremely rewarding profession, as you go home many nights knowing that you saved someone’s life. It is a pretty incredible feeling, and makes me remember the significance of this job position. Lifeguarding has become a perfect way to apply all my years of swimming and maintaining a high level of fitness.   On a rescue, the physical training is extremely important as you are giving everything you have to get to your victim. This includes high standards in running, swimming, and paddling. We are encouraged to workout during our breaks each shift, and I always take advantage of this time.

 Lifeguarding is more than just fitness though, and I have had to learn skills in communication, first aid, and rescue recognition. Most of our rescues occur because of large surf and the formation of rip currents which will suck someone right out to sea. Most people who are visiting are uneducated about rip currents and thus try to swim directly against the rip which is difficult even for the best swimmers. The swimmer tends to panic as they are not gaining any progress toward shore, and this is where our job comes in. We have to be able to spot these occurrences when someone is in trouble, and then are able to use our physical skills to make an actual rescue. Teamwork and communication are also vital to the job as the lifeguards at my beach work as one unit, and we always have each others’ backs. The Coronado Beach Lifeguard Agency is like a family as we have built relationships through the hours we spend at the beach together and the calls that come down to life or death.

 Lifeguarding has also brought many opportunities for me as an athlete. Lifeguards are able to compete in competitions here in California and throughout the world against other lifeguards and lifesavers. We compete in skills we utilize in our job such as swimming, running, paddling, and rescue simulations with a tube and board. Just a few weeks ago I was honored to travel to the Netherlands and represent United States Lifeguards in the World Lifesaving Championships. This was an incredible experience getting to meet people from all around the world who share similar passion in the ocean and helping others.   Our team competed extremely well and several members made the podium.

 I have the best job in the world! It really doesn’t get any better.

 Of course I am always sporting my Jolyn Reds and all the girls on our beach are doing the same. Jolyn has been a proud supporter of lifeguards here in the United States and all over the world and makes the best suit to always be ready for anything.

 Our lifeguards thank Jolyn!




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