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We're super pumped on our recent release of our new JOLYN activewear collection called DRYLAND! The first, of many items to come in the collection, are our "Jonesie" Capris and "Elliot" Leggings.

They all feature a high-rise waistband for a flattering silhouette and feature a front panel with no seam down the middle, which eliminates any chance of dealing with a camel... or it's toes, and they come in three amazing fabrics to cater to any activity you could ever want to do in your leggings.
Let's get to know them shall we?!


"All Day Erryday" is a legging and capri designed to be worn exactly like the name suggests. All. Day. Every. Day. This fabric is perfect for going on a light jog, hitting the gym, yoga, and to wear around town, or even out! Check it out by clicking HERE.


"Cozy" is a legging we designed to wear when you're trying to get real comfy. It's super soft, warm, fuzzy, and well, just basically feels like your legs are being cuddled by 100 golden retriever puppies. They're the perfect thing to wear anytime you're trying to get warm and cozy. Check them out HERE!


"Training" is our most active legging. It's perfect for rigorous hikes, sweaty runs, and tough workouts. It's compressive fabric keeps you in nice and tight and wicks sweat so you stay nice and dry while putting in work. Check them out HERE!


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