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camille-leblanc-bazinet-box-jolyn-swimwearTo be featured on Camille Leblanc-Bazinet is amazing. She is such and inspiration for us.  Reebok recently declared the winner of its "Fittest Woman On Earth" title, and Camille, a 25-year-old student originally from Richelieu, Que., who now lives in Montreal, was the champion.  We love this quote by her to The Box magazine last year “I think CrossFit is a good opportunity for me to be a good role model for girls around the world,” "If you’re pretty, you can be smart, too, and you can be good in sports. You don’t need to be skinny and anorexic to be pretty. Muscle is great, and being smart is sexy.” And we agree. We just snooped her instagram  @camillelbaz and came across her wearing JOLYN on it too! We didn't know she was a customer but we are definitely very excited about it. CONGRATS CAMILLE on winning the title and being such an inspiration to all of us! Screen Shot 2014-10-15 at 4.22.17 PM1556482_766539823363814_7722908601300996755_o 10339455_812896002061529_7650505676474111606_o


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