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  • JoPro // Charger Carter: The Importance of Community

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    JoPro // Charger: The Importance of Community

     Having a best friend was something I always wanted throughout my whole life… I had “best friends” through high school and college, but no one that compares to Jess.  Jess and I met each other through lifeguarding when her family moved to Coronado.  We instantly clicked with our similar backgrounds as collegiate swimmers and our passion for health and fitness.  It wasn’t for another two years though that we actually became best friends.

     Jess and I are now inseparable as we thrive when we work together in all aspects of our lives.  We motivate each other to get up early to train on those days when we just want to hit the snooze button.  We learn from each other and talk about the recent podcasts we have listened to or books we have read.   We try new recipes and cook together.  We lift and paddle together.   We work at the beach together and bounce ideas off each other for our business Live Your Masterpiece.  We help each other be the best versions of ourselves.

    Community is also extremely important to me as I strive to lead a sustainable healthy lifestyle.  My hometown of Coronado is a very small and tight community because it is an island!!  I just started work as a personal trainer at Coronado Fitness Club where my coworkers have made a huge impact in my development as a trainer.  In addition, I am a fifth year beach lifeguard here and my coworkers at the beach have become like family.  Both of these workplaces have been extremely positive in my journey.

    Whether it is a best friend or a group of people, surrounding yourself with people with similar mindsets is critical to reach your personal goals.  Find that workout buddy to go to the gym with on a daily basis.  Write down a list of goals you want to achieve this next year and give it to a family member who can motivate you.  Be honest with your coworkers and ask for their advice or help in reaching your career aspirations. 

    Having a person or people to hold you accountable to what you say will be one of the most significant factors in making these dreams your reality. 

    Jolyn stands for this community I am talking about.  The company brings together women who are aspiring to be their best in and out of the water.  I am so thankful to be a part of a group of people who share my values and support me in my goals and dreams. 

    STAY STRONG and CHARGE ON (and always wear Jolyn!)



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  • DRYLAND IS HERE // Activewear by JOLYN

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    We're super pumped on our recent release of our new JOLYN activewear collection called DRYLAND! The first, of many items to come in the collection, are our "Jonesie" Capris and "Elliot" Leggings.

    They all feature a high-rise waistband for a flattering silhouette and feature a front panel with no seam down the middle, which eliminates any chance of dealing with a camel... or it's toes, and they come in three amazing fabrics to cater to any activity you could ever want to do in your leggings.
    Let's get to know them shall we?!


    "All Day Erryday" is a legging and capri designed to be worn exactly like the name suggests. All. Day. Every. Day. This fabric is perfect for going on a light jog, hitting the gym, yoga, and to wear around town, or even out! Check it out by clicking HERE.


    "Cozy" is a legging we designed to wear when you're trying to get real comfy. It's super soft, warm, fuzzy, and well, just basically feels like your legs are being cuddled by 100 golden retriever puppies. They're the perfect thing to wear anytime you're trying to get warm and cozy. Check them out HERE!


    "Training" is our most active legging. It's perfect for rigorous hikes, sweaty runs, and tough workouts. It's compressive fabric keeps you in nice and tight and wicks sweat so you stay nice and dry while putting in work. Check them out HERE!

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    We want to share more of the amazing photos by Aaron Okayama. Shot for JOLYN. Models: Sarah Courtney and Olympic swimmer Kara Lynn Joyce. Creative Direction - Mallyce Miller.

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  • DIY // Waterproof Mermaid Makeup

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    Mermaid Makeup

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